A History About LA County And Cities

The area that is comprised of the present-day Los Angeles County was previously settled with smaller groups of the Native Americans for hundreds of years before the very first European contact occurred in 1769. This involved a man by the name of Gaspar de Portola along with a missionary group that camped on what is known today as the Los Angeles River.

Today over 10.4 million people live in Los Angeles County. These people reside in the 88 cities and around 140 unincorporated areas. This county has maintained its title as a financial and industrial giant and is known as a highly cultural as well as ethnically diverse community across the globe.

LA Communities And Cities

The 88 cities along with the approximate 140 unincorporated areas in the communities that form part of the LA County are all listed with a supervisorial district in the area in which they fall. Below are a few interesting historical facts about this 467-square mile, 160-year-old Southern California municipality.

• Los Angeles is an abbreviation of a long Spanish saying. When translated into English the name means a village that belongs to Our Lady the Queen" who is the Queen to angels of this river named the Porziuncola.
Los Angeles is a home to a diverse range of people from over 140 countries that speak about 224 identified different languages.
• Before the late part of 1950; s the LA County would not allow any part of a building apart from decorative towers to exceed 150 feet in height. This meant from the stage of completion in the year 1928 to the year 1964, the City Hall with 32 floors and a 454 height was the tallest of the buildings in LA. Today it is still known as the tallest structure that is base-isolated across the globe. The building has been designed in such a way that it can remain standing even after experiencing an 8.2 magnitude earthquake. The concrete for the tower was created from sand from each of the 58 Californian counties, and the water came from 21 of its missions.
• San Francisco and Los Angeles become about 2.5 inches closer to each year because they lie on opposite sides of the San Andreas Fault.
• The cultural center in Los Angeles has over 90 stage theaters along with more than 300 museums which have exceeded any of the other American cities.
• LA County to date has around 200,000 small businesses that are more than double any other portion of the U.S. It is not a surprise that it is often referred to as the “entrepreneurial capital of the world.”
• Los Angeles is home to the biggest amount of businesses that are women-owned in the U.S.
The Marina del Rey which is technically found in La County is the biggest yacht harbor in the U.S.
• LA is the only one of the non-European cities that has played host to the Summer Olympics twice.