An Overlook Of The Neighborhoods Within Los Angeles

Even Los Angeles locals struggle to keep up with all of its neighborhoods. The sprawling city is home to more than 40 different neighborhoods, many of which have gone through significant changes in the last few years. Read on for a brief look at some of LA's best-known neighborhoods. Our Company, Standard Price - Movers can help your move be stress free.

Downtown LA

While Los Angeles is known for its relaxed vibe, downtown LA often feels more like New York City. It has skyscrapers, subways, and everything else you'd expect from big-city life.


Hollywood is the area that many LA tourists flock to. It's home to many famous attractions, including the Walk of Fame and the TLC Chinese Theatre.

West Hollywood

While Hollywood and West Hollywood are similar in name, the two neighborhoods have a very different feel. West Hollywood is best known for the connection it has to LA's gay community. It's home to some popular gay bars and offices.

West Hollywood is also famous for being a shopping destination. If you stop by Melrose Boulevard, you'll be able to visit upscale boutiques and designer shops, such as the Alexander McQueen store.


This neighborhood has a more youthful demographic than many other parts of LA. It has plenty of vegan restaurants, unusual shops, and a strong music scene. Because this neighborhood has grown in popularity over the last few years, it's become more expensive to live in this area.

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is strongly associated with wealth, and those associations still hold true today. It's full of mansions, luxury cars, and expensive shops. Few people can afford to live in Beverly Hills, but many enjoy visiting the area.

Santa Monica

Named for the Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica is perfect for people who love the beach or the water. There are plenty of outdoor activities and food trucks in the area. While living here can be expensive, smaller studios are still affordable for students.

Los Feliz

There's a little bit of everything in the neighborhood of Los Feliz. While it's home to some of LA's largest mansions, it also has some affordable studio apartments. It's very popular with people in the comedy scene. Some local improve troupes are based in this part of town.


Many films have made a point of featuring the Venice boardwalk. This is one of LA's most active neighborhoods, a place where many go to see and be seen. There are many street vendors here selling homemade clothing and jewelry, as well as a great place to open an office for your business.

Echo Park

Like Silver Lake, Echo Park is a neighborhood that's attracted a lot of people in recent years. New shops are regularly opening up in the area. This part of Los Angeles is home to many excellent coffee shops and unusual boutiques.

While people tend to think of Los Angeles as a monolithic place, each of its neighborhoods offers a very different experience. There are neighborhoods that feel more like a small town, and neighborhoods that are lively at any time of day. This big city offers something for everyone.