The Best Places To Visit In Los Angeles

If you're moving to Los Angeles shortly, first you may want to find out about moving costs, and then you may wish to find some interesting places and landmarks to visit. Here are some of our favorites.

Places To Visit

Universal Studios

Take a tour of Universal Studios and see how your favorite movies are made. You'll have fun taking backstage tours and exploring this amusement park.

Hollywood Walk Of Fame

All those stars on the sidewalk are for various Hollywood stars. Get a picture standing next to your favorite actors and actresses stars on the sidewalk.


Kids in tow? Be sure to take a detour to famous Disneyland. Here you and the kids can enjoy amusement park rides, fine dining and a variety of entertainment. Wear good walking shoes and plan to spend the day so that you don't miss out on anything.

Santa Monica Pier

Everyone's heard of the world famous Santa Monica Pier. Here you can enjoy fine dining, great shopping and a view that is unsurpassed.

Hollywood Sign

No tour in Los Angeles is complete without at least a glimpse of the world-famous Hollywood sign. Built in 1923, this sign stands sentry over the area and sits perfectly atop Mount Lee.


If you're more into the nightlife, you may prefer some time on Sunset Blvd. Here you can enjoy the nightlife, music, fine dining and some great adventures hiking around the area.

The Grammy Museum

Ever wonder where actors and actresses store all those Grammy's? Why at the Grammy Museum of course. Take a tour and see your favorites and how they earned their Grammy awards.

Dodgers Stadium

Fan of the Dodgers? Then you won't want to miss this stadium. Built in 1962 you may even be able to catch a game in action.

Farmer's Market

Los Angeles has a world renowned Farmer's Market. Just like many other areas, their Farmer's Market is made up from local vendors. Full of fresh produce and some fine handmade items you're sure to appreciate your visit to this farmer's market.

Peterson Automotive Museum

Into fine cars? Like hot rods? Then you're going to love this museum. Here you can see some of the finest hot rods around as well as some of the former classics and some futuristic concept cars.

Runyon Canyon Park

Into hiking? Then you're going to love the hiking trails that are available here at Runyon Canyon Park. Hike to your heart's content. You'll enjoy easy to challenging trails and hikes.

Autry Museum Of The American West

Into old west things? You'll enjoy this visit. Take a step into the history of LA and tour the Autry Museum of the American West. Take a step back into yesteryear and enjoy a time that many still long for.

Hollywood Wax Museum

Full of your favorite Hollywood favorites this wax museum will bring to life many of your favorite stars. Take your time and explore the exhibits and you're sure to come away with the feeling that something or someone was watching you.

Los Angeles has many great things to see and do while you're in town. Enjoy your visit and make a list of what you want to do, you may require several visits to get everything in.