Standard Price's services begin with a free inspection in-home, along with a written estimate. You will have the opportunity to meet our staff and we will see your items designated for relocation, and discuss the services that will be needed. Once the evaluation is complete, we will be prepared with the correct equipment to complete your move the right way, the first time. This is important because attention to detail is everything when moving. As our website clearly states, Standard Price will provide all equipment needed to complete your move without any property damage. Local moves are described as any residential or office moves within 100 miles, from pickup to desitination. They are priced hourly and have a minimum charge by the hour. When Standard Price arrives at the pick-up location, billable time begins, and ends when the last piece is fully loaded at the destination. You are not charged for drive time from our office to your pick-up location, or for driving time between your drop-off location and our office. However, you are charged double time for the drive time between pick-up and drop-off locations. Our free estimate will include a not to exceed price as well, which is the maximum amount we will charge you for the move. The only exception to this price may be when services are added on that we're not previously agreed upon in the original estimate. Long distance moves are definied by moves that are greater than 100 miles from pick-up to destination. They are priced by weight or given a flat-rate. Home to home long distance moves are called direct shipment moving. We guarantee that the truck will only contain your items. We will drive directly to the home to unpack the truck without a waiting period. The exact time and date of drop-off will be given to the customer. An estimate is required, and a flat-rate is usually given. To hire long distance movers by weight, we will require an estimator to come make a note of all boxes and furniture. The weight will be calculated and an estimate will be given to the customer. - Packing - Unpacking - White glove service - Moving homes or offices