Moving a pool table, much like a piano, can be extremely difficult to move if the team moving it isn’t properly trained. An educated team from Standard Price is able to move pool tables in excess of 1,000 pounds with no issue as we are properly trained. We highly reccomend you leave it to the professionals! If you want to save money and move the pool table yourself, here are a few instructions on how we do it: Disassembling The Pool Table: The first step is to remove the bumpers and the felt on the table. Removing the bumpers is relatively easy and typically it will just be a small set of screws. The first real issue typically comes in when removing the felt on the table. If glue is used we will work slowly through the table with a Scotty peeler or similar device to pry the felt off the table without actually damaging the felt. If staples were used on the felt, it can make the process slightly more difficult but as long as extreme care is practiced we don’t run into any issues. Removing the slate is the next step, and is usually an easy one just as long as you have a team ready to hold the heavy wood. Be extra careful when unscrewing the screws and take your time with this step if doing it manually. Once the slate is done we will flip the table over with our team and take the legs off. Once the legs are off we’re completely done and will load the table into our moving vehicle and go on our way. If you feel like you can do this job by yourself or with friends feel free to do so, but if you want professional assistance, call Standard Price today to get a quote on moving your table. Did we mention that we offer office moving services?